Quality Merchandise for Craft Breweries
Custom Woven Beanies
Fort George Brewery + Public House
The Fort George Brewery beanie was an exercise in fine tuning little details that collectively resulted in a superior product. Gone are the standard 'block' letters and basic construction. We wanted the logo to more closely represent the brewery's identity while still giving a little nod to the retro/vintage design. Easy to do in our overseas factories, sure, but this was to be manufactured in North America. We started with a finer gauge tight-knit yarn that allowed for the more detailed jacquard logo. We specified a heather black and a rich red for textural/color interest, added subtle ribbing detail in the cuff, and then topped it off with a blended yarn pom. The result is a beanie that looks good, feels good, and didn't cross any oceans to get here.
Photography: Ryan Berger